Topics Available

The psychology of criminal behavior

Mental conditioning and situational awareness

Children's safety

Senior safety

College campus and dating safety

Vehicle safety

Workplace safety

Travel safety (foreign and domestic)

Cyber safety & security

Use of personal protection devices (non-lethal)

Medical fraud

Identity theft prevention

IL law regarding self defense and use of force*

   *Disclaimer: We cannot dispense legal advice, consult your attorney for counsel.

Courses Available

Personal Safety Strategies [tips and techniques education]

Self Defense [hand to hand, with or without weapons]

Firearms Safety, Handling and Storage

Pistol Shooting Skills

NRA First Steps Pistol [firearm specific training]

NRA Basic Pistol [general pistol safety & training course]

NRA Refuse To Be A Victim [Personal Safety Course]

Ladies Night - Defensive Diva's [host a home party and learn how to keep yourself safe!]

Personal Protection In The Home [using a firearm for home defense]

Home Security Strategies [general home safety techniques]

IL Concealed Carry [8, 12 and 16 hour required training:

Authorized Firearms Instructor IL State Police]