NRA First Steps Pistol [3-4 hr]**                                         $80 pp

NRA Basic Pistol Certification  [8 hr]**                               $120 pp   *qualifies 8 hr credit IL CCL

IL Concealed Carry [16 hr**                                               $300   1:1

IL Concealed Carry [16 hr]**                                              $250  (2 or more persons)

IL Concealed Carry [16 hr]**                                              $200  (4 or more persons)

IL Concealed Carry [8 hr prior credit]**                              $150

Private 1:1 Firearms Instruction**                                      $50 per hour

NRA Refuse to Be A Victim  [4 hr]                                      $40 pp  (4 person minimum)

Personal Safety & Self Defense [2 hr]*                               $20 pp  (4 person minimum)

        *includes Ladies Night - Defensive Diva's

Large and Non-Profit Group Rates Available.

Many courses can be tailored to meet specific training needs or education requirements.

**Rates do not include ammunition or range time.

Various caliber revolvers and semi-automatic pistols available for instruction or use your own.

Some courses require participants to have a valid FOID card.

Eye and ear protection is required for all firearms courses.

Military Active Duty, Reserve and Veteran Discount.