NRA Basic Pistol

I admit I was a bit intimidated when I signed up for the class, but Susan made me feel welcome and comfortable right away.  She really pushes safety, and as a new gun owner, I'm really glad I took her course.  I learned so much more than I expected to, and all day Susan kept us interested and made it fun.  I'm so looking forward to practicing my skills with my handgun and thanks to Susan!  She is an excellent instructor!

Nancy T.,  Elgin, IL

Refuse To Be A Victim

"Nice girls don't...complain, argue, fight..."  Ladies, it's okay to be nice, it's NOT okay to be a victim.  In a recent presentation by Susan Parker of Artemis Protection, we learned that, regardless of physical strength and personal conviction, you CAN have the upper hand when it comes to defending yourself against violent crimes.  Susan takes a thoughtful approach to education women on the probability of becoming a victim in today's world, how to reduce the risks, and what to do if faced with the worst.  Throughout, she provides intelligent personal safety tips, tricks and techniques we can use to confidently minimize the menace.  I highly recommend attending one of her workshops!

Vickie Anderson, Chicago regional Leader: Believe, Inspire, Grow (B.I.G.) Women's Organization.

Pistol Training and Concealed Carry

My wife was a little less than enthusiastic when I told her I had a firearms instructor coming to the house to teach us pistol handling and concealed carry.  Susan was fantastic!  Her knowledge, personal experience and ability to demonstrate the how and why were impressive. Plus her enthusiasm was contagious.  She really put the safety bug into both of us and I feel much better about our gun skills and will continue to practice.  I tried for years to get my wife involved in shooting and now it's a fun date night for us!  Thank you so much Susan you're the best!

Tony G., Aurora, IL